About Me

I like to research, feel and contemplate, I like to wonder why and how, I like to combine things that have a meaning,  a texture, a light property, I like to craft a reality of my own, ultimately placing a person in it and making a picture, standing magnificent, reaching the infinite


Portrait photography, Fashion Portraiture, Theater and Cinema Photography, and exceptional Head Shots for passionate Professionals like actors, performers, musicians, dancers but also scientists, businessmen and so on


Call, email, IG me with your idea or need, we will talk (I love to talk) and find out exactly what and how to work on. We will of course discuss and plan time and budget and all other details in order to be both happy and comfortable, my photoshoots are all fun and great pics


I mostly work in my studio (Athens) were I can build my mini sets, meet with my team, have you relax and prepare for the shoot. If needed though I can easily pack my things and reach you to the desired location. I work with my own gear, lights and tools so you don't need to worry about that

Get in touch

"you'll never know if you don't ask" they say, and its true. My number +30 6932623 eight seven seven , my Instagram, and a messaging form below, for us to get to talk and eventually meet and work together