photography /my

When asked what is the is that I do (for a living) the follow up question usually is ”what camera do you have” and/or  “why I don’t carry a camera with me all the time, snapping pictures of everyone and everything “.  While i fully understand the why of that second version of the follow up question, I also realize that most people have a very specific idea of what photography is or could be.  

While photography can be many things depending on personal needs and decisions,  for me is primarily a process used to shape and materialize an alternative reality. Much like painting, a lot of planing, testing and setting up is involved, as I usually try to create something that draws inspiration from reality but is not a direct mirror like reflection of it. That’s mainly why I usually find little interest in capturing what happened to be in front of me as is.  Photography is for me the cumulative result of an esoteric process driven by an everlasting amazement and interest for the mysteries that surround me.

backdrops / painting my own

the background plays a significant role in my frames, that’s specially true in the case of my portrait photography.
It’s an active participant as it helps me set a number of aesthetic, emotive and meaning related pointers in the frame. 

Painting my own backdrops over for example buy ready made ones or use what ever available, was a choice that opened up a multitude of creative paths, not to mention that is extremely fun too. 

I find it so interesting and pleasurable working hands on with colors, getting to set them, playing with variations, subtle tones and transitions from one to the other.  This physicality introduces the organic feel that does great in conjunction to my digital dominated tool arsenal! 

The inspiration part is also great fun too, coming from every imaginable source, paintings, old walls, fabrics, rusty iron panels, animals and so on. 

My hand painted backdrops are now an essential part of the portraiture crafting process, adding that sense of uniqueness, in to the final photograph, with every canvas being one of a kind, just like my subjects…